Stephanie and Austin Olson's
Baby Registry

We're having a baby! Little baby boy or girl is due December 2022!

We are prepping the nursery a little more every day and we greatly appreciate all advice, stories, gifts, and company.

This is the first grandkid, niece/nephew, and our first kid - so please let me know if I'm missing any crucial items! I have to be honest - I've never even been around babies, so this is all a guess in the dark!

Check back for baby and bump updates :)

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Bump Update!

1 Week


5 Weeks


8 Weeks

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3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

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General Items


Baby books, toddler books, kid books
we need to fill the book shelves!
*New or Used!


3-6 months or older
No buttons or snaps!
*onesies with feet
*New or Used!

Diaper Station.png

Fill our Diaper Station!
Diapers, wipes, creams, the whole show

Links to our multiple registry sites:
Amazon Registry
BabyList Registry
Target Registry

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What else?